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Banquet Dinner Packages - Banquet Dinner Packages
Black Olive Greek Cuisine

Dinner Package 1


Per person.
plus NJ sales tax, 20% gratuity & 3% convenience CC fee
- Variety Spreads served with pita bread.

- Choice of: Grilled Salmon- served with Asparagus | Mousakas- Layers of potatoes, eggplant & seasoned ground beef, topped with bechamel sauce | Chicken Corfu- Chicken breast sauteed in a lemon-white wine sauce with garlic, tomatoes & spinach, over rice.

- Dessert Choice of: Portokalopita- Flaky orange infused cake. Made with fresh squeezed orange juice, crumbled phyllo dough & orange flavored syrup | Karidopita- Fluffy and extra syrupy walnut cake, scented with the aromas & blends of cinnamon & ground clove.